I am a Ph.D. student at HIS Lab, CSE, POSTECH, advised by Prof. Inseok Hwang. My research interests lie in HCI, ubiquitous/mobile computing. I am also actively engaged in interdisciplinary research in areas such as health and child education.

My research focuses on personalizing common norms by creating principled generative guidelines. This approach facilitates the automatic, dynamic, and personalized generation of practical guidelines for individuals while maintaining the foundational principles. I believe that my approach will practically enhance people’s lives.

Latest News

Jun 2024I am presenting at the Top Conference Session at KCC 2024.
Apr 2024Open Sesame? Open Salami! got an  Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2024!
Jan 2024One paper got accepted to CHI 2024.
Oct 2023ProxiFit Demo got  People's Choice Award for Demos at UbiComp 2023!
Sep 2023One paper got accepted to IMWUT/UbiComp 2023.


Regular Publications

This is a video about OSOS, which was presented at CHI 2024.
ACM CHI 2024
Open Sesame? Open Salami! Personalizing Vocabulary Assessment-Intervention for Children via Pervasive Profiling and Bespoke Storybook Generation ACM CHI 2024
( Honorable Mention)
Jungeun Lee, Suwon Yoon, Kyoosik Lee, Eunae Jeong, Jae-Eun Cho, Wonjeong Park, Dongsun Yim, Inseok Hwang
[project] [paper] [video]
This is a video about ProxiFit, which was presented at UbiComp 2023.
ACM UbiComp 2023
ProxiFit: Proximity Magnetic Sensing using a Single Commodity Mobile toward Holistic Weight Exercise Monitoring ACM UbiComp 2023
Jiha Kim, Younho Nam, Jungeun Lee, Young-Joo Suh, Inseok Hwang.
[project] [paper] [video]
This is a video about SleepGuru, which was presented at UIST 2022.
SleepGuru: Personalized Sleep Planning System for Real-life Actionability and Negotiability ACM UIST 2022
Jungeun Lee, Sungnam Kim, Minki Cheon, Hyojin Ju, JaeEun Lee, Inseok Hwang.
[project] [paper] [video]

Adjunct Publications (Posters, Demos, etc.)

Doctoral Colloquium


Honors and Awards

  • Honorable Mention, ACM CHI 2024
  • People’s Choice Award for Demos, ACM UbiComp 2023
  • BK21 Best Paper Award, Dept of CSE, POSTECH, 2023


  • Personalized Sleep Planning System Considering Individual Dynamic Constraints and Sleep Schedule Creating Method Using Same
    • U.S. Patent Pending (Application No. 17/886446, Application Date: 11-AUG-2022)

Invited Talks

  • Korea Computer Congress (KCC) 2024 - Top Conference Session, Jun 2024
  • Korea Computer Congress (KCC) 2023 - Top Conference Session, Jun 2023
  • Google ExploreCSR Workshop for Women in EECS - Oral Presenter, Mar 2023
  • DelightRoom Co., Ltd., Aug 2022

Professional Services


  • Ph.D. student, POSTECH, Computer Science and Engineering
    (Sep 2021 - Current)
  • B.S., POSTECH, Computer Science and Engineering
    (Feb 2017 - Aug 2021)


  • Frontend Developer (Intern) at Plat Corp
    (Jul 2018 - Jul 2019)