ProxiFit: Proximity Magnetic Sensing using a Single Commodity Mobile toward Holistic Weight Exercise Monitoring

ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp’23)



Jiha Kim, Younho Nam, Jungeun Lee, Young-Joo Suh, Inseok Hwang



Although many works bring exercise monitoring to smartphone and smartwatch, inertial sensors used in such systems require device to be in motion to detect exercises. We introduce ProxiFit, a highly practical on-device exercise monitoring system capable of classifying and counting exercises even if the device stays still. Utilizing novel proximity sensing of natural magnetism in exercise equipment, ProxiFit brings (1) a new category of exercise not involving device motion such as lower-body machine exercise, and (2) a new off-body exercise monitoring mode where a smartphone can be conveniently viewed in front of the user during workouts. ProxiFit addresses common issues of faint magnetic sensing by choosing appropriate preprocessing, negating adversarial motion artifacts, and designing a lightweight yet noise-tolerant classifier. Also, application-specific challenges such as a wide variety of equipment and the impracticality of obtaining large datasets are overcome by devising a unique yet challenging training policy. We evaluate ProxiFit on up to 10 weight machines (5 lower- and 5 upper-body) and 4 free-weight exercises, on both wearable and signage mode, with 19 users, at 3 gyms, over 14 months, and verify robustness against user and weather variations, spatial and rotational device location deviations, and neighboring machine interference.