Regular Publications

This is a video about OSOS, which is presented at CHI 2024.
Open Sesame? Open Salami! Personalizing Vocabulary Assessment-Intervention for Children via Pervasive Profiling and Bespoke Storybook Generation ACM CHI 2024
( Honorable Mention)
Jungeun Lee, Suwon Yoon, Kyoosik Lee, Eunae Jeong, Jae-Eun Cho, Wonjeong Park, Dongsun Yim, Inseok Hwang
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This is a video about ProxiFit, which is presented at UbiComp 2023.
ProxiFit: Proximity Magnetic Sensing using a Single Commodity Mobile toward Holistic Weight Exercise Monitoring ACM UbiComp 2023
Jiha Kim, Younho Nam, Jungeun Lee, Young-Joo Suh, Inseok Hwang.
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This is a video about SleepGuru, which is presented at UIST 2022.
SleepGuru: Personalized Sleep Planning System for Real-life Actionability and Negotiability ACM UIST 2022
Jungeun Lee, Sungnam Kim, Minki Cheon, Hyojin Ju, JaeEun Lee, Inseok Hwang.
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Adjunct Publications (Posters, Demos, etc.)

Doctoral Colloquium